Center for Advanced Neuroimaging


Welcome to the Center for Advanced Neuroimaging

The Center for Advanced Neuroimaging (CAN) is a new multidisciplinary center at the University of California Riverside and is home to faculty, support staff, and trainees from a variety of fields. Faculty and staff affiliated with the center have expertise spanning psychology and psychiatry, neurology, MRI physics, biology, chemistry, computer science, and engineering.

We currently house a 3 T Siemens Prisma MRI scanner and a MRI compatible 64 channel EEG system. A number of radio frequency coils are available for use including a 64-channel head/neck and a 32-channel head coil. Both coils allow for the acquisition of data with temporal and spatial resolution comparable to that acquired in the Human Connectome Project.

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We are located in the fMRI building (adjacent to the Psychology Building in parking lot 6). Click here for a campus map.